Eight easy exercises to reduce breast size at home


Do you want to get smaller breasts so you could be able to wear your favourite tank tops without any discomfort? You might need to be aware that there are no exercises to target breast weight loss. However, if you feel your weight is way too high, then routine exercises to reduce breast size, along with overall body weight.

Breasts are made of at least 80 % fat. So, if you reduce the level of fat in the breasts, they tend to decrease too. These exercises will not only reduce breast size but it will enhance the shape of the cups so that they don’t sag.

Under the cups, there is a fan-shaped muscle, called pectorals major. If you focus on toning this muscle, it builds up and provides better support for the cups. These exercises tighten the chest muscle and make your breasts look like they have been lifted.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

Some men can also have heavy breast problems and may also be on the lookout for reducing their chest. Male breast reduction exercises are also the same as exercises for breast reduction in the female.

Here we come up with easy exercises to reduce breast size at home.

8 easy Exercises to Reduce Breast Size:

Here is a list of 8 easy and well-known exercises to reduce breast size at home.

1.     Wall Press:

How to do it;

Finding the right spot for this important. Once you do, Face the wall and just stand over one arm’s length away. Make sure you are in a comfortable position with a few centimetres between you and the wall. Keep your feet at shoulder-width. Place your palms flat on the wall at shoulder height, approximately shoulder-width apart.

Keep your feet firmly on the floor. Don’t move or shuffle your feet during this exercise. Bend your elbows while you lower your upper body towards the wall. Lower your upper body to a count of four. Take deep breaths while you lowering yourself. Keep your hips and back straight as you lower yourself. You can do 2 sets of ten reps.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

2.     Incline Press:

How to do it;

Lie faceup on a bench with your arms straight, and hold a dumbbell in each hand.

Lower the dumbbells until they are close to the sides of your chest

Now push them back up to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Practice 10 reps.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

3.     Decline Press:

How to do it;

The decline press works on the lower portion of the muscles. Sit on a decline bench with dumbbells in each hand. Then lie back and hold them even with your chest and put your palms forward. Exhale and push the dumbbells up and together over your chest. Next, you inhale and lower the dumbbells and return them to start position.20 repetitions are a must every day.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

4.     Push-Ups:

The most common exercise of all is the pushup.

How to do it;

Put your hands next to your shoulder then lie flat on a rubber mat or on a wooden floor. Now try to push your body onto your knees. After that, contract your stomach muscles. Always keep your body in a straight line.

After staying in that position for a few seconds, push your body back down.  Push-up exercise is one of the easiest home exercises to reduce breast size. This is generally the best breast reduction in exercise.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

5.     Chest Fly:

You can do this workout anytime and anywhere.

How to do it;

You need to lie on a sturdy bench, keep your feet straight on the ground, and make sure they touch.

Then hold weights on your palms and slowly lift your hands in the air.

Put your hands above your chest for a few seconds and then slowly lower your hands, maintain an arc movement. Stop your hands at the shoulder level then gradually put the weights down. Repeat this for at least three to five times. It is one of the best breast reduction exercises to do at home and it is useful to your health as well.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

6.     Pullover:

How to do it;

This can be done easily with some patience. Stand with your legs apart then start this exercise with a lightweight.

Lift the weights with both of your hands. Then hold the loads with your hands and slowly put your hands up and position the load above your head.

Now slowly put the weights behind the head, stretch as far as you can. Hold for a moment and then slowly bring your hands to the normal position.

Repeat these exercises for at least three to five times.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

7.     Chest Press:

This is one of the easiest and most effective exercises to reduce breast size at home.

How to do it;

Lie flat on a sturdy bench and keep your legs on the floor in a straight position. Holds the weights and bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Hold it for a moment and come back to the starting position.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size

8.     Toning Fit:

This is another excellent way to do a simple exercise to reduce breast size.

How to do it;

Lie down on your stomach then keep your elbows bent. Rest your forehead on the ground and raise your head and body.

Arch your spinal cord and bend backwards. Contract your stomach muscles and lift the stomach off from the floor. Then slowly come back to normal position.

It is also one of the best exercises for breast reduction and is probably the simplest one to try.

Eight simple exercises to reduce breast size


Doctors often stress the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle and exercising daily for at least thirty minutes is a sure way to healthy living. While reducing the breast size, you will also shed some calories and all the unwanted fats and cholesterol. Burn them down with passion and you will see how energized you feel from within.

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These breast reduction exercises are the best and easiest ways to kill the fats and calories the right way. You should start today, and within a month of rigorous exercise, you will have even-toned breasts with a defined shape.


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