How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


It is sometimes embarrassing when we come across ladies with bigger buttock while yours look quite unnoticeable. You might want to concede defeat and carry the thought of ‘this is how I was created‘. But no, there are activities you can engage in that can help you get a bigger buttock with exercise at home.

Note: To see result, you must be determined in working out at least three times a day.

How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


Anyone looking for a successful backside shouldn’t miss out this one. This one makes your butt work against gravity at an optimal angle.

  1. Lie on your back, with your feet flat and knees bent on the floor.
  2. Make sure your neck is in a relaxed position and your lower back pressed to the floor.
  3. Keep arms at both sides.
  4. Lift up hips towards the ceiling, as high as you can and then lower your hips.

Start with 10 thrust in a row for beginners.

How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


 This exercise tone is done to sculpt your buttocks.

  1. Lie on your back with hands on both sides.
  2. Extend one leg. Pushup with the heel of the other leg to lift yourself off the floor.
  3. Keep your hips level and ensure you feel something in your glutes.
  4. Repeat with the other leg ensuring your abdomen and buttocks muscles are tightened.
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


This worked. It promotes muscle to get in touch with other similar variations of the squat. The main thing to feel is the glutes and quads.

  1. Stand straight on your feet Grab either a dumbbell or kettlebell. Stand with Grab either a dumbbell or kettlebell.      
  2. Squat down in between your legs till your hamstrings are set on your calves. Ensure your chest and head are up and your back is straight. 
  3. While you are at the bottom position, take your time and pause and then use your elbows to push your knees out. You can then revert to the starting position, and you can repeat for 10-20 times.
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


This helps to flex the hips joint and muscle and stretches the outer thighs and glutes.

  1. Begin standing with legs slightly wider than shoulder, giving distance apart and toes pointed forward.
  2. Move your body weight to one leg bending the knee until it reaches a 90-degree angle and the other leg is straight. Glutes are pressing back behind you. Return to center and switch sides. Do this for 5-10 full range of motion.


This helps stabilize the pelvic as the leg moves.

  1. Lie flat facing up on your mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Lift hips off the mat into a bridge.
  2. Do these keeping your right knee bent and lifting your right foot off the floor.
  3. Hold for five seconds. …
  4. Lift your left foot off the ground to repeat on the other side.
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


  1. This exercise flexibility gained helps strengthen the butt.
  2. You’ll need a chair for this move.
  3. Sit on a chair with back straight and feet hip-width apart.
  4. Using your glutes, jump straight up( not too hard) making sure both feet comes off the ground. Land a bit lightly, and then slowly squat to take your seat on the chair.

Repeat five times.

How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home

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The bridge gives lower and your hips a workout just as you lift up your body. Try doing this.

  1. You will need a Swiss ball
  2. With your heels resting on a Swiss ball and your  back flat to the ground, push up through your glutes.
  3. Wait for half a second at the top (keeping your ribs down and core engaged) before returning to start position.

Do this as much as you can.

How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


They work to extend your hips and buttocks.

  1. You’ll need a dumbbell.
  2. Hold your dumbbells with an overhand grip, arms extended to the floor in front of your thighs, feet hip-width apart and knees slightly bent.
  3. Then, without bending your knees more or rounding your back, hinge at the hips to lower your hands and upper body towards the floor. Pause, then return to the start position.
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


Otherwise referred to as donkey kicks or leg raises, the quadruped hip extension has proven to target the biggest muscles in our gluteus maximum and gluteus minimum as well as the hamstrings.

Put a small resistance band above your knees and get on all fours in tabletop position.

Move one end of the resistance band so that it’s pinched between the floor and your left knee.

  1. Holding your right knee bent 90 degrees, flex your right foot, squeeze your glutes, and extend your right hip. Ensure that the neck is neutral while the sole of your right foot is facing the ceiling.
  2. Pause before lowering your right knee.
  3. Do the same on each side.
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


Your objective here is to ensure you feel something going on around your butt.

  1. Stand on your feet and shoulder-width apart. Hold a pair of dumbbells, putting your hands by your side.
  2. Ensure you maintain a straight back and step forward with your right leg. Always ensure your ankle is ahead of your knee to avoid too much tension on your knee tendons.
  3. You should feel the stretch in your butt. Other pulls will focus more on your legs, so aim for wider strides so as to hit the butt muscles.
  4. Next, push yourself off with the heel of the extended right leg to get back in the starting position.
  5. Repeat this with your left leg to complete one rep.
  6. Complete this exercise for 3 to 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetition.
  7. Balancing your weight may be an issue but it becomes much easier with practice.
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home


  1. With your feet wide, stand with your toes pointing out. Bend the knees, while lowering the hips deeply, so the thighs could be in a parallel position with the floor.
  2. Rise back up, straightening the legs completely and squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement to get the most from the exercise.
  3. Do as many squats as you can!
How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home

It is important to note that if your goal is to get bigger buttock with exercise at home, the results you achieve will depend on how consistent and motivated you are.

How to Get a Bigger Buttock with Exercise At Home

It is best to strictly adhere to the above-listed activities and it is just a matter of time before you see considerable results.


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